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“Mix” Of Eggs

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It is an extreme measure in which the donor’s eggs are mixed with those of the patient, in a single transfer of the embryos. It is an alternative that can be offered to couples whose wife, in previous treatments of fertilization, did not develop embryos of satisfactory quality, as a result of undesirable quality eggs. In these cases, the patient has bad quality eggs; therefore, they have minimum chances for fertilization. The donated eggs are considered a good alternative for pregnancy success. Therefore, the “mix” of eggs can be recommended. In this manner, the psychological impact of “pure” egg donation, i.e., without the use of her own eggs, can be softened, in case the woman or the couple still has insecurities about this procedure. The embryos will be transferred all at once and will be derived from the eggs of the patient herself and from the donated eggs. Therefore, the born child will have unknown genetic origin, unless the couple wants to know in the future, by a DNA exam, which egg conceived this baby. The financial cost of this procedure can be a drawback.