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Unexplained Infertility – Sterility Without Apparent Cause (SWAC)

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It is very difficult for a couple, after taking all the requested exams, to return to the doctor’s office or clinic to hear from the doctor that all the results are normal. In the presence of this normality, some exams are repeated and other new ones are suggested, some more difficult and others aggressive, but the final answer is NORMALCY. What is the reason, then, for the difficulty of conceiving? Isn’t there an explanation? The answer is NO.

Unexplained Infertility or Sterility Without Apparent Cause (SWAC) is the difficulty of a couple to conceive, for no apparent reason, after a year or more of regular sexual intercourse without the use of any contraception. Approximately 10 to 15% of infertile couples fall into this group. Without a doubt, this “lack of diagnosis” definitely causes these people some sense of frustration and much anguish. Nevertheless, we cannot forget that science progresses in such great velocity. The unknown today may, in a short period of time, be clarified. What cannot be explained today may be explainable and treatable tomorrow. Therefore, when it comes to STERILITY WITHOUT APPARENT CAUSE or UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY, it means that the unexplainable is in the present and not in the future. However, what matters for the couple ,who is in search for a specialist, is a diagnosis and treatment for the present.

What to do?

The medical procedure should be based on the woman’s age, the length of infertility, the anxiety and expectation of the couple, and financial situation. If a woman is extremely young and has been trying to conceive for a relatively short period (a year, for example), she can wait or go through simple conservative treatments, such as ovulation induction (programmed intercourse, programmed coitus, scheduled “dates”). For these couples, the introduction of natural or complementary therapies and some changes in habits can be beneficial. Older women deserve a treatment with better chances of success (artificial/intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization). With each passing year, the chances of pregnancy decrease gradually. The important thing here is that Sterility Without Apparent Cause or Unexplained Infertility is fairly common in couples who cannot bear children.